SSHORE is a Dalhousie-Memorial research network founded by Danine Farquharson (Memorial University of Newfoundland) and Julia M. Wright (Dalhousie University) in June 2014. SSHORE includes scholars of law, literature, philosophy, sociology, geography, anthropology, folklore, history, political science, and other disciplines, and is uniquely well-positioned on the Atlantic coast to address the interconnections between the human and the oceanic on terms that are sensitive to the complexities of both.

Topics of concern to SSHORE include: historical trends of ocean engagement, the challenges that the commercialization of oceans poses (e.g., cultural practices that support safety, environmentalism as a belief and a social practice, questions of sovereignty, including aboriginal rights), ethical commitments to environmentalism that overlap with, but are not equal to, economic concerns about sustainability, literary traditions that shape the meanings of oceans in culture writ large, and the social fabric in regions that value ocean resources for cultural and economic reasons.

The oceans operate at the intersection of often competing concerns, complicated by fast-paced changes in technology, global interconnectedness, and environmental awareness through cultural representations as well as scientific advances. Developing scholarly frameworks, across a variety of disciplines, for analyzing these issues is crucial if we are to democratically and inclusively make sound decisions about oceans.